Seminar and Workshop

C1 – Training Seminar

Short term joint staff training events

Training Workshop for Facilitators, Mentors and Youth Tutors

B-learning training workshop for staff, trainers and tutors, lasting 3 days presences, and 2 more days of online work, totaling 30 hours. The online part will have an initial moment of preparation, prior to the realization of the face-to-face workshop, and will also have a later moment equally online. In this last moment, there will still be an evaluation of the event by the participants. This action will take place in Greece under the responsibility of the partner organization Horama Thesprotia.

Duration: 3 days, Country of venue: Greece
Leading organization: HORAMA, Participating Organisations: AJPRA and Fundación Ciudadanía
Number of participants: 5 per partner entity

C2 – Communication Workshop

Blended mobility of young people

Communication Workshop
Thematic workshop, integrated and after a first training session of youth in a job shadowing and peer education format, in which young participants organize, plan initiatives to be carried out with other young people under the guidance and coordination of staff, trainers and tutors. This action will take place in Spain, under the responsibility of the partner Fundación Ciudadanía.

Duration: 5 days, Country of venue: Spain
Leading organization: Fundación Ciudadanía, Participating Organisations: AJPRA and HORAMA
Number of participants: 20 per partner entity