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The priorities relate to the objectives of our project, to encourage young people who do not work or study or are at risk of dropping out of school resume their training, educational and / professional paths, through a non-formal teaching approach and a methodology for social innovation, education for entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. In this way we aim to motivate young people to raise awareness of the importance of education and training in their path, of the importance of skills and competences at all levels, including language, digital and entrepreneurship skills in their future. And in this way, the participation of young people in the project translates into an opportunity to become active and participatory citizens in society, whether at local or European level. The reason for the EU Citizen project focuses on the issue of active European citizenship among young people, the importance of the need for them to be enterprising and proactive and to contribute to the European construction through education and training, that is, through non-formal learning contexts.

The aim of the EU Citizen project is to encourage young people aged 15-24 who do not work or study or are at risk of dropping out of school to resume their training, educational and / or professional paths using a non-formal teaching approach and methodology of social innovation. Therefore, the development of this project comes from a need to provide answers and alternatives to this type of young people. They are, most of the time, at risk of exclusion and in the process of compromising both their professional and personal future.



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